Our Councillors

Cllr Z.D. Nxumalo

It should be seen as an effort by the council to try to reach out to the community by informing and educating them of the developments taking place and operation of the Municipality.As Ubuhlebezwe Municipality, we are mindful of the progress
made building a stable, financially viable and sustainable Municipality.

Cllr N.J Peterson
076 477 1043

As the Chairperson of the municipal council she makes sure that the council adheres to the code of conduct and standing rules of order. Madam Speaker presides over the meetings of council and ensures that council meets quarterly.

Ward 12
Cllr. T.C. Dlamini
072 017 0690

Chairperson the Social Development Portfolio Committee. This is a man of integrity, a people’s person who is open and loves kids especially toddlers. He hates seeing people destroying their lives and being negligent. As he serves as a councillor he plans to put measures in place to ensure that his ward is agriculturally sustained. He also believes everyone is good at something that is why he will encourage people in his ward to use the land they have for their own betterment.

Ward 11
Cllr. T.P. Dlamini
082 619 5268

Member of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee. She appreciates honesty A true Christian who believes in the empowerment of all women. She says all women should be good examples to their children. She plans to formulate a structure where different religions come together and help the community solve problems. She also plans to ensure that all children receive Sunday school in all religious denominations.


Ward 10
Cllr. S.H. Dlamini
073 333 6580

Member of the Infrastructure Planning and Development Portfolio Committee. He says respect is what he believes in the most. He despises people who like fighting as he believe nothing beats talking. In his ward he plans to educate young people about life and how to be good men and woman. He will also ensure that people get the necessary skills to help them develop themselves.


Ward 9
Cllr. N.M. Mdunge
078 865 3521

Member of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee. This man is humble. He believes for one to be respected they too should respect others. He despises acts of unfair treatment and his plans for his ward include seeing all the youth completing matric and furthering their studies. He also plans to educate his community about their rights as SA citizens. Cllr.Mdunge is a spiritual being who says he will reinforce moral regeneration in his ward

Ward 8:
Cllr. G.P Nzimande
076 814 5377

Member of the Infrastructure Planning and Development Committee. She is a woman who loves and cares for people truly. She says if she starts something be sure she will finish it because she is a dedicated person. For her ward she plans to ensure that’s she fights the issue of RDP houses and she will ensure that the orphans in her ward are not left to suffer

Ward 7
Cllr EB Ngubo

Member of Executive Committee. She despises acts of unfair treatment. Her plans for her ward includes seeing all the youth completing matric and furthering their studies. She also plans to educate all people about their rights. 

Ward 6
Cllr B.P Nzimande
082 365 3673

This is the WHIP. Social Development Portfolio Committee Member.Cllr Nzimande is a dedicated individual who can be playful but he is committed to all he involves himself in. He says he cannot stand lies as they destroy a nation. For his ward he has planned to reduce the acts of uncivilisation by reducing the rate of alcohol consumption.

Ward 5
Cllr MC Sithole
076 994 1894

 Member of the Administration and Human Resources Portfolio Committee. He has a good heart to all people, passionate about development and loves people. One thing Cllr Sithole hates is defamation of one’s character. He has planned to ensure that people are part of government. He also plans to ensure that the elderly pensioners are catered for regarding transport to the pension points.

Ward 4
Cllrs SC Shezi
083 493 7095

Member of Social Development Portfolio Committee. This is a straight forward man who is against corruption and strongly believes in discipline. Cllr Shezi poses good listening skills. While he serves as a councilor, he plans to eradicate informal settlements and put in place measures to educate people about crime and HIV/AIDS. He also aims to reinforce war rooms for operation Sukuma Sakhe.

Ward 3
Cllr MC Ndlovu
079 969 6977

Member of the Administration and Human Resources Portfolio Committee. This man  enjoys a good conversation, is a listening man who believes in transparency. He plans to assist the youth in his ward by motivating them to get up and do things for themselves. He believes people can also contribute to the development of our country and he intends to make sure he gets sponsors for the youth development.

Ward 2
Cllr TE Tenza
076 770 8153

Member of the Infrastructure Planning and Development Portfolio Committee, Cllr. T.E. Tenza a man who is still young at heart promises to provide a link between the Council and the community by engaging and liaising with key stakeholders including the resident association, local businesses, community organisations, police and health authorities. He believes that service delivery and a brighter future can be achieved by engaging with the youth of today in order to provide the leaders of tomorrow.

Ward 1
Cllr ZV Shange
078 316 8619

Member of the Administration and Human Resources Portfolio Committee. This man is a man who works hard and goes the mile extra for people. He loves harmony and despises fights and unnecessary conflicts. His plan for ward1 is to reinforce sports and recreation for the Youth and to develop a one home one garden. Cllr. Shange also plans to ensure that  there is a tourism centre in his ward where tradition will be appreciated.